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Chico, California
United States

Sex: Male
Age: 22

General information
love trying new ideas and just having a fun time making amazing art.

Level of Experience: Some Experience

Hey! So i am a freshman in college and my friend who is a photographer who is also on here (emilynicoleteague) has been getting me to do some modeling so i am fairly new. I have really taken a liking to it though. My goals for modeling i guess are not really formed yet but i love to try new things, have new experiences and get out there.

I am not like your newbie model though!! I do not do diva drama or try and make it all about me. That not who i am as a person and it will not be about it as a model. Happy, adventurous, fun, easy-going are usually what people feel is me. I know however when to get focused and do what wants done. So far i have not had any complaints about my work style or attitude.

((( I would love to work with other models!! I have not done so yet but I think i would enjoy it very much. So other models please feel free to message me. I do not bite but play well with others! Unless we need me biting you in a photo!)))


I think as a model you also cannot be like a statue when it comes to working with the photographer or other artists on ideas and critisism. I will share my i thoughts and feeling with them. I ask questions i have immediately like: what type of emotion i should have? Are there any poses and faces i seem to repeat that i should not do or keep doing it?

I do not mind if i am "physically positioned" for a scene. I cannot read minds and know what exactly it is you are looking for without you using some form of communication that is not impossible to understand. Touch!! do not be shy to correct me and get what your looking for. If you are not content on it or i do not like how it came out trust me. It will show and all the work would be for nothing except wasting time.

I also like when I am told, and usually given an example of, what emotion the picture is for. Also the kind reaction should be felt when the picture or art is viewed.

So hit me up always ready for a new adventure! IF we are not close (ex. you do not live in Chico) a ride and lodging are a must! Money is not something i really have to spend like most college students.

As Far as compensation for my work, I would love to be paid! I know that it will not always be possible which then Trades+credits are totally acceptable.

User Information:
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Skin Color: Fair/Golden
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 150
    Chest: 0
    Waist: 31
    Hips: 0
Work Interest:
  • Art
  • Print
  • Runway
  • Commercial
  • Headshot
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Erotic
  • Other

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